Saturday, June 1, 2013

Don't let organic waste stay in solution.

              The photos that I’m showing here are of my homemade pre-filter before the Anoxic Filter. I now have 10 Koi from 13”@3 to 25” long and all are only fed once a day ½ cup of food a day and in the summer they will eat double that amount. The pond is completely covered like a Quonset hut with 6-mil plastic in the Winter so no airborne pollutants can get in; like dirt or any foliage from trees and so on.
               As the photos show this is an extremely dirty pre-filter and this is only after one weeks worth of feeding and Koi waste. Basically the pre-filter is nothing more than an under gravel filter in a small box and instead of using gravel I use Matala high-density blue filter media with 2500-gph going through it. My 3600-gph pumps impeller broke last year and this is my emergency pump online now.
               What is my point? The point being is that if you were allowed to let all the organic waste stay in solution, an think your biological filter would take care of it without ever cleaning it…like that of a Bog or Veggie filter. Do you think your system wouldn’t collapse sooner or latter? Do you think it wouldn’t affect Redox? Do you think biological and chemical pathways would stay open to chemical mediators with this much or more incoming insults to your system? My fish capacity to filter is very light; in fact this is the smallest it’s been in over twenty years now. Koi produce lots of Ammonia and waste and for this much waste to breakdown into mulm would take months of biological activity to do so. During the meantime your oxygen demand for hedrotropic and chemoautotrophic bacteria could supersede that of your animals’, it does happen.
               Here is something to think about, the Anoxic Filter doesn’t place a burden on the available oxygen in the water body proper. Yes, the water that goes into the Anoxic filter with oxygen laden water comes out the same way. It’s actually been proven that if oxygen is at 7.8 ppm then it will come out of the Anoxic Filter at 7.8 ppm, too.
        Bog filters and Veggie filters in nature do not steel oxygen for      

biological activities but make oxygen. The Anoxic Filter does not steal oxygenated laden water from your animals even when water temperatures reach over 85F degrees like it did this summer in the Midwestern and southern states. 

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