Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brian Woodcock’s Anoxic Filtration Build-Adding Biocenosis Baskets. Part-3

BrianWoodcock’s Anoxic Filtration Build-Adding Biocenosis Baskets. Part-3

In the next several photos, Brian's going to walk you through the finishing touches of laying out the Bicenosis Baskets and how to allow water to pass underneath them as not to cause any dead spots or drainage problems.

You will actually be able to see first hand how a diffuser works and how this simple PVC pipe with hole drills around it does a very good job at it, too. 

Why an Anoxic Filter...Brian's pond has a Nitrate ( NO3) reading of 80-ppm and if the Japanese are right, the getting rid of those Nitrates will definitely improve the skin colors of his Koi. What Brian should see is his Koi will improve with the aid of the Anoxic Filter. 
This award winning Sanke owned by Zack is proof that an Anoxic Filter can and will improve the colors of Koi. This one was grown in a pond only using an Anoxic Filter and nothing else.
The photo above shows a very happy(This is as happy as Zack gets.) Zack and Greg with ribbons and trophies won from MPKS Koi show here in Illinois. Zack, the one far left uses exclusively the Anoxic Filter on his 14,000 gal pond and is the proud owner of the Koi that had won.

Cat Litter and Laterite in the right proportions will help in the acceleration of bacteria and aid in a vital trace element like Iron that the bacteria need until they are well establish.
Now were getting a good look at just how Brian's going to layout the Biocenosis Baskets and leaving one out for the diffuser.

Brian has now placed PVC pipes horizontally  in the Anoxic Filter to aid in cleaning of the filter and to allow water to pass underneath the Biocenosis Baskets freely. All chemical and biological activity will not be hindered by doing this.
 The Anoxic Filter is now filled with 26 baskets with the Cat litter being coved by river rocks. This will help to prevent the cat litter from being washed out during filter cleaning.
  This photo shows just how that simple but effective diffuser works as he fills the filter up with pond water.
As the filter is filling up if he didn't cover the baskets, that inlet water might blow the loose cat liter out of the baskets into the filter. Remember this filter could handle  as much as 8000-galph if Brian had the pump to do it with.
Filled and ready to go...kinda looks like a river bed. As the Biocenosis Baskets sit they are already taking in positively charged ions from the water.
A GateValve is now set to regulate water flow and/or to stop water altogether for filter clean out.
 A complete and running Anoxic Filter. Brian's going to add some water lilies to the filter to take away that harsh edge to it. With this filter you can now have your Koi and plants separated and the plants doing the work they are suppose to, but better.

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store   

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