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Education is the key in achieving ones goals in life... also, A story about Dr. Bob and Anne Passovoy's pond.

Education is the key in achieving ones goals in life.

 In 2007 the name sayers were out in full force on the Anoxic Filtration System, today they have been proven very wrong.

One of the NI members thinks that 99% of all the NI members would not be interested in my cd-book and would find the information therein to be unsuitable for Koi hobbyist. He himself definitely would not be interested in my cd-book in the slightest. He could not be further from the truth if he tried. In this apologia, I will try an assuage what he has said to all readers of NI.

By the e-mails, I have been receiving and with the now over one hundred seventy-five cd-books that I have given out, in over five continents, I would say the NI-world is not in complete agreement with his conjecturers. In no part in my responds to Mr. James P. did I ever mention nor did I imply that my cd-book was not for Koi hobbyist. He has misconstrued and conjured up false percentage numbers to facilitate the needs of only a few rarefied Koi keepers in the NI forum and is not representing the NI public as a whole.

 It is undeniable that people are thirsty for knowledge and are willing to ask for it if the opportunity knocks at their door. If Mr. Chandler finds that too hard to believe, then I feel sorry for him, and I wish him all the luck in the world on his endeavors in Koi keeping. Misconstruing the definition of the words “mom and pop ponds” is really a misnomer on his part. All of us that have a backyard pond for recreational purposes fall into this category. Since most of the ponds are built on joint ownership properties, they fall into this category, at lest here in the U.S. that is. Our ponds are not considered public domain and are therefore classified private in ownership, hence the name, mom, and pop ponds. I hope this is now clear to everyone when I use the term mom and pop ponds. This does not mean water gardeners only but includes everyone that owns a pond, whether professionally made or otherwise.

The filtration system that I have designed was specifically targeted for Koi and only for Koi use. Yet, with all the studies and experiments that were taken on this system, it was found that it would really benefit all hobbyists and not just a specific class or group of hobbyist. With the feedback that I received from everyone from water gardeners to the most ne plus ultra Koi keepers. It became apparent that this system would benefit all hobbyists, whether in part or in full.
Bob and Anne's pond that incorporated some Biocenosis Baskets and found that redox went up by doing so.

I will give you one example that is now openly known, and can be validated on the Internet if one wishes. There are others, but they wish to have their privacy respected and not molested by others. Some will also be on the MPKS pond tour in July of this year.

I am a member of the Midwest Pond and Koi Society (, for the past fifteen years now, and have known this gentleman for as long. He is the president of our club and has been so for many years now. He is what I call a ne plus ultra Koi keeper, and will do anything to keep his animals in top-notch shape. Bob and his wife Anne strive for perfection in Koi skin refulgence, body shape, and color. His animals have won many trophies to boot. Whenever people come over to see his Koi, he hands out drool-buckets as to keep spittle from polluting his pond water. I think we all get the picture here don’t we? He has what most/all would call a hi-end filtration system (only a few members fit into this upper class of Koi keeping), and meticulously works on his maintenance without fail. He is an extremely dedicated and well-respected Koi hobbyist, and is never relaxed about his duties and obligations to his animals. As Bob always says, “you can never have too much filtration” I mean this guy even has a “flux-capacitor” on his pond, no kidding.

As a hobbyist, one would not think that his water quality could get any better even if he replaced a 100% of his water on a daily basis. However, his wife Anne did something that did just that, she did something that increased his redox and pushed the envelope of Koi keeping that much closer to the Holy Grail of pond keeping.

After listening to one of my seminars at the Eastern Iowa Pond Society’s Trade Show. She also took one of my cd-books and read it. She decided to implement some biocenosis-clarification-baskets with plants in them into their pond last year. So she wrote about it in one of the newsletters for this year, and I will quote: “One week later there was a remarkable difference in the clarity of the water. Like glass, clear to the bottom of the pond and the marsh garden.”
“Over the summer the lilies bloomed well without fertilizer. We had no algae problems at all. The clarity did not diminish at the end of the season, even though one or two plants had to be repotted due to Koi digging up the rhizomes when I was too slow with the lettuce. Koi health was excellent all year, and growth rates seemed to be better…”

This is just one of many hobbyists that read my cd-book and came away with a little more than what they began with. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, wouldn’t you say Mr. Chandler?

Well Mr. Chandler, still think 99% of the people of NI think the same way you do, I don’t think so. I think you’re trying to read more into what I said to James than what was really there. Your trying to make fun of people that do not have the money for a hi-end filtration system like some hobbyists can afford.

Yes and I am sure you will say that Bob and Anne’s pond really is not up to par with the best of them and you’ll go on and on trying to prove some moot point. But then again you really wouldn’t know how well or bad their pond is, and you would be second-guessing at best, and you would be wrong at that, too.
Some more photos of bob and Anne's pond.
Biocenosis Basket in the background.

Now you can view the baskets a little clearer in this photo.

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store

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