Saturday, June 1, 2013

Test, test and more test , when will it end?


  This is a post I had to make on a pond forum to someone that wants test and more test. He asked if the Biocenosis baskets could take Nitrates NO3 without taking or converting the ammonia ion. The answer is definitely, yes. Dr. Franco and a lot others even in Australia have shown this when they added baskets to an already excising pond and filter. The Biocenosis Baskets did not have to do the nitrogen cycle but just eat up Nitrates and they did. The numbers are staggering on how much Nitrates the baskets eliminated for them. Each time its over 60-90% better than without the use of the Biocenosis Baskets, now thats great if you ask me, in fact you can ask me!
      This is what I said to a hobbyist :     

First we need to get are facts straight don’t we, the Anoxic filter was introduced to the public over 25 years ago- about the same time as Nexus filters came out with their filter in the UK- and researched (by doctors, chemist, and microbiologist plus accounts by hobbyist) has been going on for over 28 years now not the fabricated number you came up with of 16 years.

    Second, it does not take your other fabricated numbers of 4,5 or 6 months to grow these facultative bacteria. Dr. Franco has proven that about 50 days in an unseeded pond is the norm. I do not know were you’re getting your information from but it is very inaccurate or you are making erroneous assumptions and fabricate information about the system.
           Three, understanding the complexity of the system that is now out of the realm of what you have been told all your life. As I just showed you from the tests from Dr. Franco, he introduces two biocenosis baskets to Nitrate laden water of a 700-liter aquarium and in 15 days it reduced it by 85%. Is there some part of “Nitrate laden water” you do not understand? If so I will explain what that means. Now you want to know if there are more test on top of all the testing that has been done to prove a moot point? Yes, from all over the world there are accounts of what Dr. Franco has stated and tested. However, it seem like you’re not satisfied with a system that’s been around for 28 years now and wish to go back to square-one and start all over again testing, and retesting what has been tested to death already.
               This is exactly what you asked me if the introducing of Nitrates NO3 would have a reduction affect with the Biocenosis Baskets on Nitrate ions only, correct? From what I’m reading here that experiment answers your question, or is it mea culpa on my part?
        Have you ever tested a bog or Veggie filter set up the way its explained here, are do you just take their word for what they say? Have you ever tested what is going on under all those rocks and boulders that sit at the bottom of ponds? Have you tested a Nexus filter and seen what its capability really are? If so I would like to see your test results and protocol please? 
         Have you ever contacted a manufacture and asked them for their test they did and the R&D on their system/s? If not, Why? Why is it you trust them, but you ask me for test and when I give you your answers that’s not good enough for you, you want more test on top of more test: What gives with you anyway? 
         This is not a new system that just came out yesterday and has never been publish in journals, magazines or online sights like Pond Trade Magazine or tested. This system has been published both in the UK and USA. The information has been out for the public far years now.  
It’s not hard to have Google translates Italian into English. All you have to do is go to Google Translate.webarchives. Right now I have it sitting on my desktop and one click and his blog is in English. 

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