Sunday, June 16, 2013

Black plastic canvas that covers the Biocenosis Baskets if void of plants in that basket.

  A question  came up on a website about mixing the Laterite and cat litter in the center of the Biocenosis Baskets, but that’s exactly what you do. Mix it up a little when the cat litters is dry the first time you set it up. Remember you whant the Iron in the Laterite to migrate out into the Biocenosis Basket faster because of no bacteria as of yet. Then after that when it’s wet and established after years of being in the filter; all you can do then is only open a hole and dump a cup Laterite in that hole and add any new replacement cat litter if you have to.

   Also a question was asked about the black mesh screen I talk about: The black mesh screen or plastic black canvas as it's properly called, that we use in the USA is for crafts projects. You buy the screen at any craft-store and people sew through it. The screen comes big enough to cover the tops of the baskets and wire-tie/s can hold it into place on top of the Biocenosis Basket.

    Some say you don't have to place River Rocks/ Pond Pebbles or the black plastic canvas on the tops of the Biocenosis Baskets. I would not recommend this advise because when you cleanout your filter the garden hose will shoot all that loose cat litter and Laterite all over the filter. The plastic canvas and/or River Rocks/ Pond Pebbles help prevent that from happening. Accidents do happen, but at least the covering of the biocenosis baskets helps too lessen the degree on how much cat litter goes into your filter. These protective covers which I have suggested will not hinder your filter in anyway and will not hinder biological or chemical pathways. Another thing is: If you place some fancy goldfish in your filter the rocks/pebble or plastic canvas will stop them from digging into the baskets and causing a big mess. Now you can have Koi and fancy Goldfish all in one pond as to speek. To me that's a big plus!

This is what the black plastic canvas looks like.

Mexican Black pebbles or pond pebbles on top of the Biocenosis Baskets help keep the Cat litter down into place during filter clean out .

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