Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anoxic Filter cleaning, easier than you think.

                     anoxic filter cleaning

Question: Those of you who have anoxic filters, how do you clean them. I take it you dont take the baskets apart. Do you just dip them in pond water or do you do it other ways?

Just to let everyone  know the Biocenosis Baskets themselves do not have to be broken down ever. You will have to add Laterite about ever 5 to 9 years or so when plants are absent from the substrate and some cat litter if some spills over in the filter, but not too much more than that.

WHY! Because the baskets themselves do not draw water into them at any velocity that would hinder biological activity from taking place by carrying particulate matter into them. In other words, no particulate matter goes into the baskets just ions.  

That’s why you are able to send water through the filter at greater velocity than other filters because water doesn’t pass through the baskets like a filter matt but goes around and underneath the baskets carrying the bad ions that plague our ponds. Simple, yes, understanding the whole complicated science behind what it’s doing, no!

Cleaning the Anoxic Filter is easy, you can have a bottom drain or sump pump to empty the filter and clean with a garden hose any smuts  and/or detritus that may have accumulated in the filter. Not very back breaking if I do say so myself. However, some hobbyist like to move the baskets around or have to trim plants and roots and this will take a little more time and energy to do this added work.

This year celebrates the 26th year I have been using exclusively the Anoxic filter for my Koi. This however does bring up a question.

  How many filters or new filtration systems in this same 26-years period have most hobbyist owned, change to a new one or new ones? How much have they spent in the same timeframe, too?  How many of their wives know the truth on the cost of all those changes?

The photo above is of a UK hobbyist and spouse that live in the USA and use exclusively the Anoxic Filter for their ponds. The Koi are absolutely some of the best in colors and quality I've ever seen. The Anoxic Filter makes their colors POP!

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