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Micro Pond with Anoxic Filter.

Quote from Dr. Franco’s blog in Italy

Micro Pond with Anoxic filter.

Note:Translated with Google translation software from Italian to English.

 At 45 days of the operation of my small pond equipped with the state of the art anoxic filter.  The tank consists of a tub (of the wine typ) from 150 l gross 120 net liter (31.70- US gals.).

Filter: A mechanical filter made of a PVC pipe 20 cm in diameter with a volume of 25 l gross, (6.6-us gals) loaded with sponge and filter wool to be cleaned every 20 days or so.  A biological filter made with a container of luck (a plastic laundry basket) 50 l gross (13 us gals), loaded with two small Anoxic Biocenosis baskets (baskets 23 l ) is completely immersed and positioned so that there is good water circulation on all of the 6 faces of the baskets. All Anoxic Biocenosis baskets/containers are perforated to position the plants used in the pond. Each basket (23x23x14h or 9”x9”x5.5”) is filled with specifically cat clay with a small handful of laterite in the center of a small depression made in the clay. 

The photo above shows a finished Anoxic Filter alongside the main pond. As you can see all biocenosis baskets have small pond pebbles or river rocks on them. Very well made Anoxic Filter next to a large pond and by the looks of it some very nice Koi,too. The filter once matured with foliage will make a beautiful backdrop for this pond.

 There all covered with a few pebbles (small river rocks) to prevent the clay from moving (being lighter). The amount of water present is about 180 liters (47.5 US gals) and moves from the tub to the mechanical filter to the anoxic filter and from this the law of communicating vessels.  A small Dall'anossico pump 250lt /h (66 US gals H) takes the water into the tub.

UV lamp: absent.

Wildlife: 4 carp to 9 / 10 cm + tail (3.5-4” long)

Flora: 25gg for the first few water hyacinths, to save the fish       from self-intoxication.

Following tests with encouraging results have been removed all the plants not to help the filter.

 ED: In order not to give a false positive reading on his test, he remover all plants from the experimental tub.

The adventure began on 4/25/2010 and I wanted to take on holiday in the garden four goldfish that I had been given and the result of which other people had given me five other tropical fish ... (do not ever give away the animals people, much less of tropical fish from goldfish to put together!! Do not trust the advice of retailers !!!!!!!!!

The purpose of my action was therefore separate the fish but did not want a real pond.  And, given the opportunity to test even the lower limit of reliability of the Anoxic filter. Everything is going well and after about three weeks to take off from the system does not invalidate the test hyacinths.

Observation: The fish are visibly growing well.

Three weeks ago I started not to see one of the 4 fish.  It did not bother me too much (big mistake though ...) as it had always been shy and was hood in every nook and cranny to hide (in aquarium). Then using a food if the jelly were sinking to the bottom and at the same point (when I saw him coming the other 3 were just there, while he was standing under rocks in and out when they saw me more). In order not having the UV lamp, but making the bi-weekly water changes, water in the meantime had become impenetrable to the eye than the 10 to 15 cm. In most tests confirmed that things were going well.

Then they put half the work of gardening and a week at sea.
But last night, tired and worried about not seeing my fourth gold fish, I decided to completely empty the tub and check all the good hiding places to find my Goldfish.

Well, after removed almost all the water and overturned every stone, the fish was not found,nothing even in the mechanical filter, as usual.  I immediately thought of the passage of a cat, but it was unlikely because the tub is covered with a grid ... for my girls.  So I decided to open the drain valve to leak back into the bottom of the filter some water and check that everything was in order.  But as I supposed and hoped that it wasn’t, it reveals the remains of the missing fish! Following the death must have brought the power of the water and crashed down the drain.

( ED: What I think he’s saying; is that once the Goldfish got into the drain it couldn’t get out again and died.)

 After a few curses in ancient Aramaic, and when I asked how it happened. Then I looked at the Anoxic Filter and said to myself ...  Now let's see if you are a filter with the "p. .. and" as they say.

Here are the results of tests on a sample of water 13/06/2011
 I picked up and put away before emptying:

NO2 = 0,0 ml/l

NO3 = 0 ml/l
NH3/NH4 = 0,0 ml/l
GH = 8 GH = 8
PH = 8,5

I think the pH is a little offset by the rains, usually 7.5 / 8 ...  but not being a chemist I would not swear on this and wonder lights.  And then I redid the test for lack of time.

The test results are not very different from what I had done before (in high words from the tests I have never noticed the death).

Prime considerations: The filter should be started at the presence of plants ... I never had peaks of NO2 and NO3 to worry.

Considerazioni finali:
 Final Thoughts:

I found out what happened to the fish and the thing I'm really sorry
 for this was a big mistake on my part and assume that things were going the right way without having the evidence. But everything has its positive side (if you want console): I found that the Anoxic Filter works very well.

Probably an Anoxic filter consists of two baskets 23 l may be oversized for 4 goldfish in 180 liters, but the concentration of toxic substances in an environment so small increases exponentially. I did not want to use my fish for a game of Russian roulette.

Today I see that the Anoxic filter works also if the system may appear exaggerated peaks of ammonia.  In an environment of 180 liters (47.5 US gals) with a goldfish is 12 cm (5” long) in decomposition of ammonia at 0.0 ml / l is the last thing that I could wait.  Let's say that it helps to correct some errors that you may come across if you are inexperienced.

Venture to say that you can think of using Anoxic Biocenosis baskets in aquarium if you have a deep large sump.

ED: This small test or mishap happened to Dr. Franco ( Lio Fornellino) in Italy as he was testing the Anoxic Filter under different scenarios. After Dr. Franco’s passing last year (2012 October) his blog is no longer available for public viewing and all testing information is now lost in cyber space except for what I’ve kept in my archives from his blog site. I now place his words on my blog as thanks to a great doctor for all he’s done for the Italian Koi hobbyist, to better and enrich their hobby of ponding and Koi keeping. Doctor Franco felt that without his words the Italian hobbyist and their love of Koi would not grow to any real potential if they couldn’t find a cheaper way to filter their ponds and keep their animal safe and alive for years to come. A man dedicated to the hobby he loved so much.

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