Monday, June 24, 2013

Anoxic Filter build from George and Gillian and their prize winning Koi.

This is a small write-up from George and Gillian ( Gillian is from the UK) Palmerin about their pond and Anoxic Filter and how they come about it. This year they will be on the MPKS pond tour. The Koi colors are outstanding and though they have a lot of Koi; they are very heathy and growing. Anoxic Filters with their clay and Laterite act like Japanese Mud Ponds and really make the colors come out in Koi. This is not the only MPKS club member that has winning Koi that grew up using the Anoxic Filter Exclusively. This is proof that you don't have too spend a lot on a filtration system, just use the right kind of filtrating and you can to have show winning Koi.

After years of visiting other people’s ponds, we embarked on our own 8 years ago; after much investigating; we opted to use the Anoxic Filtration System. George does everything you see in this garden by hand with advice, unwanted or otherwise from Gillian.

Pond Number One: Our first small adventure as a 6ft. X 5ft. pond built with cinder blocks partially above and below ground and was 5 ft. in the center. The Anoxic Filter tank was constructed with 4 X4 wood planks that were 8 ft. long by 3ft. wide with a total amount of water between the two tanks is approximately 1500 gals. The system is located under a pine tree next to the deck and contains baby Koi, Shubumkin’s, Golden Orff’s Albino Catfish, and Japanese Goldfish. We soon realized that we would be very limited with such a small pond and 4-years later George started digging again.

Pond Number Two: As with the first pond, this pond was also hand dug; the final size is approximately 22ft. long by 16ft. wide with the shape of a figure 8 with a narrow channel with a bridge connecting the two parts.  There are 3 waterfalls and a stream that uses the Anoxic Filter devised by Dr. Novak. Initially we only constructed on 8ft. X 3ft. stream but on advice from a friend, a second tank was constructed in series to improve the amount of filtration. This pond contains approx 28 Koi with the largest being 30" plus and home to the 2012 MPKS prize winning yellow long fin Koi as well as some of our original favorites from the small pond.

The Anoxic Filter lets your imagination grow along with plants. This is the Anoxic Filter to the main pond.

This is the Anoxic Filter for their small 1500 gal pond. George loves water plants because of their natural beauty that they give to his yard.

Picture of their pond and their Prize yellow long finned Koi.
Yes that's right, that is a Red Hibiscus grandiflorus you're looking at growing in the Anoxic Filter. What can I say except they love gardening.

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store

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