Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brian Woodcock's Anoxic Filtration build - Waterfall time. Part-2

Brian Woodcock’s Anoxic Filtration Build in the UK.

The next few photos will show some finishing work Brian is doing on the Anoxic Filters waterfall. The pergola over his pond probably serves two purposes. One, to diffused direct sunlight and two, to stop unwanted birds of prey from eating his prize Koi for dinner. The Blue Heron is a big problem here in the U.S. and will make sort work out of ones prizes Koi if given the chance to.

Brian's main filter: This does not look like your everyday filtration system. However, if you're going to have expensive Koi then you're going to have expensive toys. The Anoxic Filter will definitely help Brian's pond.
Adding coping-stones to the top of Anoxic Filter to integrate it with the rest of his pond.

This is what Brian is waiting for, the baskets. These basket are raised in order to let water circulate underneath them better and for cleaning the filter.

This Anoxic Filter can handle between 3,600 US gal ph( 13,627 l ph) - 8,000 US gal ph  ( 30,283 l ph) Brian at this time is using a 20,000 l ph pump (5,283 US gal ph) but the Anoxic Filter can handle that an then some. The only thing that concerns me is; if water will migrate under the coping-stone that he is using for his waterfall.

Pond Heater, center of photo and UV Light to the right of photo. Very clean setup! 
Here is my formal pond with a SS waterfall in an English Garden. As you can see, both Brian and I have the waterfall sides on our spillways to keep water from channeling off. My small pond is using a 3,600 gph submersible pump ( 13,627 lph) and my Anoxic Filter is 400 USG with 20 Biocenosis Baskets. At one time I had 17 Koi in this pond and some as large as 30" long. Please remember my job is to experiment with this filter and push it to its limits, this is not by any means recommended by me.

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