Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anoxic Filter is not and never will be a Veggie filter or Bog filter.

An Anoxic Filtration system is not a Veggie filter and will out perform a Veggie filter or Bog filter at all times. Not only is it easier to take care of, but and this is a big plus for the Anoxic never clogs up like the other two do!

We now seem to have a conflict on temperatures and the proliferation of bacteria related to such.  My pond right now is at 66˚ F. (19˚C) and my fish at this temperature are very hungry. However, they are still only being fed once a day until water and air temps become more stabilize. This is no indication of what others are doing with their Anoxic filters. A lot of this will depend on size of pond, fish and filter.

If your pond water mass stays cooler than mine that’s fine, you should still have no problems.  Some hobbyists seem to indicate that the filter is nothing more than a veggie filter.  So if anyone thinks that, please tell everyone with how five water lilies can sustain my overstock ponds fish mass (as seen in my book) for twenty-four years now. My pond has been dissected, tested and put under the microscope so many times by so many experts that it would make anyone’s head spin.

Yes, more hobbyists have proclaimed that it’s (Anoxic Filter) nothing but a veggie filter. But to this date not one person that’s made those accusations can explain or bring up scientific proof to what they are saying. The fact that my overcrowded pond still does what it does plus thousands of others ponds doing the same thing for decades now, accomplishing this biological filtration.  I have news for everyone reading this; five water lilies cannot bring Nitrogen down to any significant amount with a half hour of direct sunlight per day. It has to be something in the equation that’s doing the job other than plants. Maybe on the planet Jupiter it may be possible but not on this earth by any means. Google how many plants to filter one pound of fish mass and you will see for yourself!

If there is something going wrong with an Anoxic filter, then it’s something you’re apparently not seeing that you did wrong or you miscalculated because of unforeseen variables or inconsistencies differences from chemical insults.

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