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Koi Club of the Air interview with Dr. Novak on Anoxic Filtration System.

Koi Club of the Air’s statements about Dr. Novak’s interview with them.

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 November 2 show 2007

Novak’s Anoxic Filtration

The pond filters that we are accustomed to throw them all into the big classification of a sewage treatment plant filters. “Basically that is what they are,” said Kevin Novak while explaining the theory behind is anoxic filtration system. “They came from sewage treatment plants (technology),” Novak said. “We have been using them for 60 or 70 years now. And this is what we are kind of stuck with. We use respiratory bacteria in this that uses high amounts of oxygen. The anoxic filtration uses the most abundant bacteria in any freshwater system. This is a dimorphic bacterium that’s capable of living in both oxygen free and oxygen environments, but at very low levels of oxygen. And because of this they break down waste into nitrogen.”

Todorsky in preparing to interview Novak went through a series of material that Novak has available on CD. The material explains the anoxic filtration system that is not something that Novak is selling that requires the purchase of a particular type of equipment, but a different philosophy about how to best filter a freshwater pond or water garden system.

“If a limnologist were to check out a pond there are certain things they are going to check out to see if that system is running or becoming euthropic in anyway,” Novak said. “They will check out how much nitrogen that pond is producing. The more nitrogen the pond is making the more it is working for us and it won’t collapse.” Novak states that with his anoxic filtration system in use a pond will not collapse, but instead stay fresh and clean. “It doesn’t clog at least not in the 18 years I’ve been experienced with it,” Novak said. “In other words, the systems that the hobbyists use they clog up almost immediately once you start them up. This one does not because of the way it has been designed and because of the way the bacteria acts and by the way dirt is not forced into anything.”


Note: Eutrophication or more precisely hypertrophication is the ecosystem response to the addition of artificial or natural substances, such as nitrates and phosphates.

For those interested in more information about Kevin Novak’s Anoxic Filtration System iTunes iBook store has it for free to download.

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