Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cat Litter, please read from a Canadian that uses the Anoxic Filter.

Cat litter.

Guidelines are that you need unscented litter that has NO anti-bacterial additives. It also needs to be NON-CLUMPING. Read the labels to find out these things. If it says 100% pure clay on the ingredient list, and nothing else, that would be best. The cat litter I found here in Canada also has diatomaceous earth as an ingredient and Dr. Novak thought that would be fine to use, as well.

In addition, it needs to to be baked clay and the labels do not tell you this. You have to buy a sample package of a possible candidate litter (one that fits the guidelines mentioned above) and test it by putting some in a jar of water for a few days. A baked clay will still be nice and granular after being submerged, the grains holding their original shape. Unbaked clay will turn into soft mush. DO not use a litter that turns into mush!

People in some countries have a difficult time finding a good clay. In the US and Canada it's safe to use Walmart brand "Special Kitty" Non clumping. Good luck!

Tryout your cat litter before you buy a tun of the stuff. The photo above shows two-year old clay in a biocenosis basket that's still in pristine condition, with no blackening of the clay at all. 

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