Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A lot of science is going on inside the Biocenosis Baskets to make this system work for you with the least amount of expenditure on your part.

Modifying (tweaking) this system is like trying to change a high-end stereo system after everyone tells you it sounds just right. Audiophiles have the tendency to try an achieve the Holy Grail from their systems, sometime only to end up with a less than perfect system that now has a lot of money dumped into it with very little musicality left from what they originally had started with. This system is not like baking a cake; you can’t modify it to make it better. You can modify the systems pluming (getting water from point A to B, the diffuser or the diffusers inner materials like Lava Rock etc., etc.). A lot of science is going on inside the Biocenosis Baskets to make this system work for you with the least amount of expenditure on your part. Some hobbyists have tried to cheap-out and use containers other than what is recommended only because of cost alone and have failed. It’s a different story if the open-cell-baskets are not availability in your country and you must substitute. However, most of the open-cell-planting baskets are available online at mail-order outlets stores. 
Any of these open cell baskets will work for an Anoxic system.

 I do not personally want you to fail because your animals depend on you for their existence. We now are playing God with an animal that has no desire to be our pets. Unlike cats or dogs that are more than willing to have a symbiotic relationship with humans, fish do not have those same desires. So it’s up to people like me and others to make sure that we do all we can to help these animals achieve a healthy and long life. Most of my Koi I started with 25-years ago are still alive today. 

You the hobbyist are not my R&D department or my Beta testing grounds. Unlike other very expensive filters on the market that still need to be modified in order to work properly. In actuality, a lot of manufacturers of filtration systems get their products out so fast that it is not uncommon to have the hobbyist be their Beta testing field people for them. It takes years of testing and then retesting to make sure such a system works (look at Cancer or Diabetes research and how long it’s taking scientist to crack that nut) as it should. When people sell a product, time is of the essences and they have to throw the towel in and start making money so R&D and cost of mold making loses can be recouped.  

It’s okay to modify and play with this system if you don’t mind taking the responsibility for your actions yourself, but your outcome may vary, too. However, don’t go on the internet and chastise the system because you’d failed after doing so.  I’m always here to help the hobbyist in earnest when it comes to answering their questions. I have even received phone calls from all over the US and helped hobbyist with their problems. I know the Cd-book – now an iBook) can be a hard read. I don’t know how I can get the message across to people that it works and it’s all free. This system works better than any system I have used and gives you the most; “bang for the buck!” Like I tell all hobbyists that are uncertain about this system. If you feel uncomfortable about using it, then by all means don’t use it! I have never once said that this is the end all of filtration system, but I have stated that: “You can’t buy or make a better filtration system for the same outlay of money.” That is one statement I stand by. Using this system is like buying Rolex quality for the price of a Timex.  

I know you’ll be happy you did it and will thank me like others have for sharing new technology with you for free. This entire hobby is supposed to be fun and not a money pit that we regret afterwards. 

I have also added some pictures of a cat litter bags that’s safe to use (read the back of the bag) and Laterite that you can get from Pet Solution at www.petsolution.com.
This cat litter is from Meijer's grocery store.

Tesco is a good cat clay in the UK.

Defiantly do not use this clumping clay cat litter.

Pet solutions at www.petsolution.com.

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store

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