Saturday, July 27, 2013

With A Little Foresight The Mucerino’s Will Save Money On A New Expanding Pond Project This Year.

This is a raised-bed Anoxic landscaped stone filter built in 2009 by the Mucerino's ( a father and son project) and is shown in my iBook. The filter can be drained from the bottom automatically and refilled by just turning a valve. Water is being pumped in from the bottom and diffused there so no exterior pipes are showing. This Anoxic filter is filtering a 6000-gallon pond that’s 18´ X 18´ by 5´ deep with two waterfalls spilling out 8000-gph going back into the pond.

Now after four years (2013) it’s time for a modification to the pond this year. They will make the pond longer and deeper. However, the Anoxic filter will not have to be touched, it’s big enough to handle a larger pond with no problems. They are now going to add another bottom drain that’s bigger in diameter (It looked to be 6" diameter) with an air diffuser attached to it and sloping the bottom of the pond to aid the new drain. The sloping of the bottom will aid in water circulation and getting the fish waste out easier. The only new pieces of equipment they are going to add to the system is a Clarity Filter and one more skimmer.

If this was a conventional filter instead of the Anoxic filter, you would have to buy all new equipment are add on some more very expensive filtration equipment to do the same job as the Anoxic filter. In fact, this is exactly what happens to homeowners all the time when they wish to expand their old ponds into larger ones. They soon find out that all that money they spent on filtration equipment is not going to be adequate enough to handle a larger pond. Therefore, another expense must be added to the modification budget. I’ve always believed in: Do it once and do it right the first time! Adding Biocenosis basket to an existing Anoxic filter is cheep and easy to do. I like technology, but sometimes it can break the bank or stymie a new pond build project with overinflated cost.

Raised-bed Anoxic filter with two streams coming out of it.
The colors of these Koi are very vibrant and they just pop-out at you.

This photo shows the skimmer and when pond is made larger another one will be added. It's hard to believe you can have a pond this beautiful for very little outlay.
Anoxic filter with some Water hyacinth ( E. crassipes) floating  in it. No aquatic plants are in the Biocenosis baskets themselves, they remain bare. For those that say this is a Veggie filter or Bog filter, this is proof that it is not plant dependent at all. The Biocenosis baskets look like they are covered with a sheet of glass it's so clear.

From the skimmer all detritus goes into the bead-filter (That's cleaned once a week.) for one more cleaning before water goes to the 55-watt UV Light, then the clean water heads to the Anoxic filter and back into the pond. Look at the photo above and see how clean the Anoxic filter is because of this fantastic pre-filtering system that the Mucerino's have. Too many people say the filter will get all full of smuts, but that's not true if you have a good pre-filter before the Anoxic filter. Clean water goes in and cleaner water comes out.

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store 

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