Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Look at the Biocenosis baskets as giant magnets.

Look at the Biocenosis baskets as giant magnets, the more magnets you have the more work they will do over a wider mass. Bigger Biocenosis Baskets in this case are not always better. Also the bigger the basket the more weight you must lift when maintenance is to be carried out. I don’t know about you, but every year I get older and picking up heavy baskets is no fun.

 Likewise adding more Laterite is redundant and you will only be wasting your money so please stick to the guidelines set in my iBook of 1 cup per Biocenosis Basket (The whole idea of this filtration is to save money not waste it on ambiguous commodities that you’re not sure they will work or not.) because eventually it will become exhausted and you will have to add some more Laterite anyway after about five to ten years. So in this case more is not better.

 I know that some of the online pet stores that sell pond supplies have basket in the right dimensions for everyone. An 11”x11”x7” open cell basket is the right size but with that said; some hobbyists have used a little smaller baskets and have had very good success with them for over 17 years now. So for some of the lady’s this may be a better option than the larger ones at this point. Just remember: More small ones or better than just a few big ones.

These baskets are not the right kind to use, the bottoms are not open cell type and will not let biological or chemicals mediators easy access from their bottoms.  Only buy the open cell type baskets that have the mesh on all sides including the bottom.

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