Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is the Anoxic filtration system acting like a Japanese clay pond?

  I talked to the hobbyist that owns the 14000-gal pond (picture shown in my iBook and blog) last night. He reported to me that a Koi friend of his (that has a high-end filtration system that cost in the neighborhood of $45,000) was quite impressed with his Koi growth rate and the quality of his Koi. They equally feed about 2lbs of high quality Koi food a day, yet his friend fish growth rate does not compare to his.

 They both came to the conclusion that the Anoxic filter is acting like a Japanese Mud pond. The clay and Laterite must be reacting in some way to the Koi’s heath and growth. The Japanese have done this for hundreds of years and have kept it covenant secret between Koi growers in Japan. Remember: I told you in past threads about how they used this hobbyist (Zack) Koi at the MPKS show, to show the correct skin refulgence of Koi. 

This is not the first time someone has told me of their Koi growth rate was better using the Anoxic filter instead of a conventional filtration system or a supplement to an already existing filter. I have even had Koi breeders in Australia tell me this. Though I have notice the same myself, with some of my Koi, more than doubling in just one season; these anecdotal accounts do need more scientific testing before one can conclude that it is a fact or just a coincidence. However, this does give some food for thought doesn’t it? If the Anoxic filtration system is acting like a Japanese clay/mud pond, then their secret is out, and then anyone can replicate what the Koi farms in Japan are doing in their ponds, but now we can do it in our own back yards. Think about it!

14,000-gal pond all filtered with Anoxic Filtration only.

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