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Using some of the newest technology for a pre-filter before the Anoxic filter in the UK.

Using some of the newest technology for a pre-filter before the Anoxic filter in the UK.

NOTE: This question was asked of me several  years ago on a Koi forum in 2009.

Sorry if this has been asked before,

I have an anoxic filter running alongside another filter, they are on independent drains, the Anoxic filter has been running 6 months, my Nitrate has gone from 60 to a high of 5 now, my source water has around 20 Nitrates. I am very happy with the system.

My question is: When I clean the filter I find I only get mulm on top and on the baskets, the fiberglass tank is shiny clean, I don’t get any mulm between the baskets either. I cleaned it in the autumn and again last week, the 2nd week in April, I’m wondering if I should have just let it be for now, parameters have been fine from day one, albeit I had an existing filter sorry should add that the filter is pre-filtered with a Cetus Sieve.

(ED: A bow screen pre-filter. The Cetus sieve is a totally new, bow screen pre-filter, see photo 1. also look at post -Pre-Filters and the pros and cons about them.- to see one that the Italian's are using.)



p.s. I’m running blind because no one I know has this type of filter.

New to most hobbyist a Cetus sieve pre-filter.


Hi Dagsteve… I see your filtration is running up to par and you’re having great success with it, thanks for letting everyone know on the forum. 
     If I understand you correctly, your Nitrate reduction is now 92% more efficient with the introduction of the Anoxic Filter. With your old existing filter it was 60-ppm (tap 20-ppm) or more now with the addition of the Anoxic filter it is down to 5-ppm is that right? 
  As for as mulm goes you can either leave it until one of your seasonal clean-outs; it doesn’t have to be taken out every month just twice a year. If you do it more often it will not hurt anything and the benefits of keeping it in the filter are nil except to aid in the colonization of new bacteria by making more surface area that would not exists without its presents. There may be a good reason you also have so very little mulm in your Anoxic filter, is because of your Cetus sieve pre-filter that you’re using.  I can’t stress enough how important a good pre-filter is before the Anoxic filter.   

    I started my filter back up about 5 weeks ago and 0-ammonia, 0-Nitrites and 0- Nitrates to this day and that’s after feeding now for the past three weeks everyday (Temp. is 63-deg. with plastic covering the pond) not bad for a 21 year old filter. I only have five, yes that’s right only five pots with plants in them and very little sunlight to have them photosynthesize and consume nitrates like some people think. The utilization of Nitrate means using more energy to a plant to convert it back to ammonia. Some like to advocate that it’s the plants that are doing all the work. However, if you read my book and all the scientific documents from around the world and college text books on plants and botany this just could not be true, it would take too many aquatic plants to do the job the Anoxic filter does with just a few. 

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