Monday, July 1, 2013

Understanding what Facultative anaerobic bacterium is.

   Facultative anaerobic bacterium makes what is known as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) by aerobic respiration if oxygen is present like in anoxic conditions. The reason it is classified  as anaerobic is it has the ability to live in anaerobic condition by getting its oxygen requirements from other means. Organisms that use oxygen as a final electron acceptor in respiration are described as aerobic, the bacteria most filtration system rely on, while those that do not are referred to as anaerobic.  

   However, it also has the ability to change to fermentation processes if conditions are right. Inside of every biocenosis clarification basket is many different kinds of facultative anaerobic bacteria that are gram negative and gram positive in nature. Their numbers change along with what kind will dominate depending on the insults, condition of the substrate and oxygen demands that may erupt over the season. The facultative anaerobic bacteria waste products from anaerobic respiration still contain plenty of energy in the form of Nitrogen.

   You have probably heard of some of these bacteria before and never knew that they belong to the facultative anaerobic bacteria class, which also includes some eukaryote phyla along with fungi, and aquatic invertebrates like worms, too. Just to name a few: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and Corynebacterium. I know everyone has heard of E-Coli like Escherichia coli before.

  Now before everyone goes all girly on me, many heterotrophic bacteria are use in freeze-dried commercial bacterial products enhancers to enhance nitrification and/or replace bacteria that is lost in cold climates location for inoculating of our ponds filters in springtime. But this is a big secret so don’t let anyone know, you didn’t hear it from me. This information is in my iBook. One note should be added here; that if you are using an Anoxic Filtration System the inoculating of the ponds filter is not necessary, ever!

  Facultative bacteria - can be found even at the top of the baskets and along the outer sides, since aerobic respiration is beneficial energetically speaking. There are also other bacteria that reside in the baskets, too. Microaerophiles bacteria - will be found throughout the basket but not at the outer edges. They require oxygen, but only at lower concentrations like that of anoxic conditions. So they stay away from the higher oxygenated outer edges because of that reason. Then there’s an Aerotoerant bacterium - in the baskets, that can be found everywhere because oxygen does not affect them in the least nor does the deficiency (low concentrations but not completely void of oxygen) of such. However, obligated aerobic bacteria - will mostly gather on the outer edges of the baskets within mm, in order to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen.

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