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Anoxic Filtration into a green home environment ,to save and clean one’s own wastewater .

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Q: Kevin, I’d like to change subject slightly, only to move Anoxic Filtration into a green home environment ,to save and clean one’s own wastewater .
Using other green methods in conjunction with Anoxic Filtration:
Will it be able to clean one’s Greywater? 

A: For those of you that are not in-the-know with Greywater: Greywater is nothing more than discharged water from sinks, washing machine, showers and/or bath water etc., and accounts for over 50% or more of the water that is discharge in homes throughout the world. It is not toilet water; toilet water is classified as black-water and carries many pathogens along with large amounts of nitrogen.

Greywater is recyclable, and carries 90% less nitrogen than blackwater and can be treated in a residential wastewater treatment system for irrigation, toilets, etc., and is mainly used for water conservation when such is in dire straits or in limited or restricted supply.  

A residential system generally consists of a sand filtration system, holding tank/s, and an irrigation or leaching system. If the Anoxic filter is used in conjunction with other greywater cleaning system or green methods as per say, it can be used as an end unit green system and is easily made larger (by making it longer) for such purposes. Such cleaning systems are nothing new in Europe sewerage treatment facilities and others around the world. The Anoxic filtration system can be used in conjunction with other green systems for such, unlike other filtration system ponders use that would not work or be useless for such. 

 If you are thinking about using the Anoxic filtration system (as an irrigated greenhouse) for such then go ahead and employ it. It is the only hobbyist filtration system that can be used for greywater cleaning and can be cheaply made on top of that. The Anoxic system can actually save water that we think of in the USA as “wastewater.”  It’s about time someone started using their heads and started looking beyond the pond aspects of filtration for the Anoxic Filtration System.
 Some hobbyists have even drunk the water from their ponds to show how clean the filter can make it. Though I do not advocate such because of parasites that may be hidden in the discharged water return outlet, I must say that’s having this much faith in a filtration system for ponds is quite admirable.
This exsample is taken from the internet on how a greywater system works.

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