Friday, July 19, 2013

Anoxic Filter Build By: Brian Woodcock in the UK. Part #5

Old photo of planted-up Anoxic Filter.

This is his newest photo of Anoxic Filter and of the new plants. Do you see whats missing? The Clarity filter...looks a lot better now! For those that think an Anoxic Filter is nothing more than a Veggie filter...Brian doesn't have enough plants to do the job like a Veggie filter. So, and Anoxic Filter can be a Veggie filter but a Veggie filter can never be an Anoxic filter.

This is an E-mail from Brian letting me know how his Anoxic Filter is doing in the UK.

E-mail Quote:

“Hi Kevin, a bit of an update you might be interested in. My nitrate has gone from 80+ppm to 40ppm in the short time my anoxic filter has been running, also I removed my Clarity-type filter and was expecting an ammonia spike with keeping to the same feeding regime...but no sign if either ammonia or nitrite so I’m a very happy chap :)

An added plus is my plants are doing great.”

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store

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