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It’s been over twelve years now and the Battaglia’s pond is now home to 26 Koi and all the chemicals and sick fish are history.

There are a lot of people that will insist pond keeping is easy and if you follow their instruction then success will be yours. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and this is about one of those hobbyists that almost lost everything if they didn’t change their outlook on pond filtration.

Over twelve years ago the Battaglia’s came to see me and how the Anoxic Filtration System worked. They had the typical Aquascape’s® built pond and now were having issues with the herpes virus Carp Pox (Cyprinid Herpesvirus 1- see photo below.).  When I use the term Aquascape’s built pond, I use the name as a generic term only. Much like you would use the word Jacqusee to describe a hot tub.

All ponds that use a Bio-falls filter, skimmers, plant shelves and rocks and stones at the bottom of them fall into this generic term.  All Aquascape’s ponds are built this way in the U.S. Now it doesn’t matter if you build it yourself or have someone build a pond for you, they seem to all fall into the category of an Aquascape’s pond if it looks like one of theirs.

This was a do-it-yourself pond that was deeper than the typical 18” that Aquascape’s makes most of their ponds due to city and village ordinances. Here in the U.S.A. if you make a pond deeper than 18” then you will have to have it fenced in and some towns require that you have locked access gates, too. The Battaglia’s pond was 42” deep but all parts and build was a typical Aquascape’s water garden style pond.

After bringing me a very infected Koi full of Carp pox I was asked to have a looksee at their pond and the rest of their Koi. Every Koi they had was infected with the herpes virus and they were told by an MPKS member to add salt to their pond to help cure the Fish pox. A treatment of salt will not cure Carp pox, only heavy water changes and bringing up the water quality above substandard levels will cure Carp pox. That means TDS, ORP and CE must be improved.

(Ed: Look at my post Testing of TDS & EC of The Battaglia’s 12-year old Anoxic Filter, better than you think!  and you’ll see how improved their water quality is now.)
Tony cleaned his filter and started doing daily water changes as per by my instructions. As soon as his Koi were looking better, Tony decided it was time to rethink his pond strategies and started removing all the stones and gravel from his pond and removed the Bio-falls filter too and replaced it with an Anoxic Filter instead. The plant shelf that was incorporated into his pond was also removed to give the Koi more swimming room. He would no longer need it because the Anoxic Filter would let him grow all the plants he wanted and would keep the plants out of Harm’s-way from the Koi.

Herpes virus Carp Pox (Cyprinid Herpesvirus 1)
photo taken from internet archives.
It’s been over twelve years now and the Battaglia’s pond is now home to 26 healthy Koi and all the chemicals and sick fish are history. Here is a little post he did in 2008 on KoiShack that you may be interested in. 

Posting on KoiShack May of 2008,


By: tbb

Yes I have used this system successfully for more than 6 years. I can tell you that all of my past problems with algae, sick fish, and GREEN WATER have long been gone. Others that I know have also used this system. It doesn't seem to matter how big or small. I have not used any chemicals, barley, crystals or bacteria to keep the water clean, clean, clean. Direct sun or shade. I currently have a 1600 gallon pond and over 30 fish, shubunkins and koi. Some of my fish are about 18 to 24 inches. Not a single person that I know has not been able to make this system work. You or others must follow Kevin’s instructions. Don't try to modify or redesign it. I certainly was a skeptic. I couldn't believe that it would work. How come no one from our pond club never told me about this system. I kept testing my water so much but couldn't measure detectable measures of ammonia, nitrates, or nitrites. I know most people that read this are not going to believe me. I will be glad to give additional information and or pictures. I have been on our local pond tour MIDWEST POND AND KOI SOCIETY for many years and have taught many others of this ANOXIC FILTRATION SYSTEM. Currently a pond that is 14,000 gallons has been built and installed using this system. This will be another test in process.

(Ed: The 14,000 gal pond Tony talks about is a great success now and is my cover photo to my iBook.)

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