Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just my viewpoint.

Just my viewpoint.

As we all know that because of commerce this hobby thrives and it has nothing to do with science per say. After all the science in ponding hasn’t changed in decades it has just become more expensive to own. I have personally gone to see some of the top places that build ponds for homeowners in my area to help them relearn how to plant up aquatic plants instead of using garden center planting pots and topsoil. Only to be told they are constantly at meetings all the time and would get back to me. Well guess what; they never did!

Biocenosis Clarification Baskets are for everyone not just those that use an Anoxic Filter. But then again if they told you about Biocenosis Baskets, then maybe they wouldn’t sell you all those chemicals and plant tabs. Nevertheless, they maintain that they are here to teach the hobbyists’ on the subject of ponding; yet close their own doors when it comes to them learning what science has to offer. How can you teach anybody anything new, when you refuse to learn it yourself? That is unless it will cost the consumer something…then they’re all for it!

Tell me if you owned a business and you could find a better way that could help that business in an already hurting industry (An industry that has lost a lot of business lately and not just because of economic woes.), wouldn’t you like to know if something out there could help business and give you a economical edge over your competition? 

 So remember the next time someone tries to sell you their products, it’s only because of money and not the betterment of the hobby. They can care less if you or your animals live or die. All they want to do is sell you another product to compensate for that inadequate product they sold you in the first place. I know it’s not their fault, they don’t make the bad products; they only sell them. Let’s face facts, its only business and your money is as good as anyone’s out there. Profit margins have to be big, are there’s no interest at all in just science! That bottle on the shelf makes money, not sound advice without a sale. I think the old saying goes: We will pay for bad misconstrued advice, but we will not take good advice for free.

I think it’s a sad state of affairs when money dominates over the betterment of the hobbyists: Don’t you think? There are a lot of good products out there and some very upscale technology to go with it. I love techno stuff myself and enjoy its company, but with that said, I also must think: Can I accomplish the same results at lower costs and be more efficient in doing so? After all not everyone goes out and buys a Rolex watch just to tell time do they? Techno gear comes in pretty packages and has a lot of advertisement behind it but somebody has to pay for that advertisement. I can’t tell you how many expensive canister filters made by reputable manufactures I have in the attic that did not perform up to par and hit the filtration graveyard, but yet each one claimed to be the best thing out there.  

I can say this however: With ponding... my money was well spent on the information science gave me and not what some moneymaking advertisement told me to buy. That’s my two cents worth. 
A pond with an Anoxic Filtration System during MPKS pond tour 2013. I count 22 Koi in this photo alone and that's only about half of the Koi that take up residency in this 6,000-gal pond.

Anoxic Filtration System by Syd Mitchell, Tony Ruiz & Dr Kevin Novak

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