Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am always interested in trying to find and learn new ways to keep a pond as maintenance free as possible.


Thank you for sending the info on you "Anoxic Filtration System" very interesting theories and very well put together. I am always interested in trying to find and learn new ways to keep a pond as maintenance free as possible.  In the 10 yrs. I have been in this industry I have always found all the info in regards to this industry to be as Doc Johnson put it "fact by proxy".  You talk to five different people and get five different answers and probably all those answers are just recycled theories heard from 5 other people...Frustrating to someone like myself who likes to think I know a little something about aquatic life, I can only imagine what an end user thinks with this barrage of conflicting info I have to tell you I about fell out of my chair when I found that this system relies on Laterite and kitty litter, I have used these products for many a years with great success when planting marginal aquatics for bogs etc.(I also am a huge fan of the mesh baskets) I always assumed it was the use of plants that removed nitrates that was the sole reason of my success with this theory....learning more about the chemistry behind these products makes me that much more of a believer....You will always find opposition with this theory as it does not really sell a product and puts manufacturers and dealers of supposed "highline" filtration basically out of business if it really is true.  Heck I contribute to the vicious cycle by bringing these products on to our site just like everyone else because in the end I am here to sell product....But as a self-proclaimed "Pond Nerd" I am also here to learn and share positive information to unite this hobby not destroy it. All the best to you and thanks for a great read, you've got my mind swarming with thoughts of pond experimenting...My wife is going to kill me if I change the pond one more time....might have to send her shopping for a weekend! LOL 

..." A mind is like a parachute; if it is not fully open it will not work to its fullest and certainly will lead to its demise..." By a man much smarter than myself

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